Take Advantage of Country Club Perks

Country clubs offer a multitude of private perks for guests and members. If you are fortunate enough to belong to a club, take full advantage of all the amenities offered to make the most of your membership.

Social Space

Country clubs encourage socialization and community all year long. Seek out social gatherings at both club-sponsored events, such a holiday brunches or firework parties, and at more intimate gatherings. Invite new and old friends while taking some time to acquaint yourself with fellow club members. Country clubs also help wallflowers transform into social butterflies by hosting your own event. Work with the event planning staff to dream up your next baby shower, Black Tie gala, or wedding of your dreams. Clubs often recommend top-notch florists, bakeries, bands, DJs, and other vendors to pull off the event of a memorable affair.

Outdoor Adventures

Clubs offer immense fun in the sun! Hit the pool for a few laps or sunbathing, then grab your clubs for a round of golf. Some country clubs offer heated squash courts, racquetball, and snowshoeing for all-weather enjoyment. Explore all recreational amenities and give them a go! Other common club perks include tennis courts, water slides, water sports (i.e., boats and paddleboards), fitness classes, walking trails, and sailing. Look for establishments with strong country club management to ensure club grounds are kept in tip-top shape. If sports aren’t your thing, enjoy the scenic views on a walk or from the comfort of a cozy reading picnic bench. Country clubs also offer the perfect backdrop for photography sessions, like family portraits or surprise engagement proposals.

Culinary Chops

Most country clubs offer in-house dining all year long. During the warmer months, enjoy waterside snacks at a snack bar, if included, or head to the dining room for seasonal fares. Carve out time in your family’s schedule for weeknight dining to take full advantage of your annual membership. Learn more about seasonal showstopper meals, such as Thanksgiving and Easter menus, and book accordingly to accommodate your guests. If you consider yourself a foodie, chat with the chef to get a better understanding of menu inspiration and food sourcing to fully satisfy your taste buds. Missing your favorite meal? A chat with the club’s chef is also the perfect opportunity to suggest a new dish.

Take advantage of all your country club has to offer. You’ll be surprised, rejuvenated, and inspired by all you discover.

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