NFL 21 – The Super Bowl Event Has Started

NFL 21 Super Bowl Event start with Part 1, Past, which adds some great player items and new content that allows players to get rewards.

A new NFL 21 event is upon us. We are talking about the recurring Super Bowl event. It will have two parts. The first part is called Past. As you can guess from the name, Part 1 celebrates past Super Bowl editions and players. It comes with new cards and features. First Down is a new ranking feature in MUT. Players can acquire these items when they complete event challenges, dailies, sets, and when they buy items from the store. A First Down grants players access to a challenge. After they complete the Winning Drive challenge, they get the reward. There are five reward tiers that give you coins, players, and packs. Players are also invited to take part in Predictor Challenges. They will get predictor tokens for this activity. These tokens can be used to complete predictor sets. If you are right and your predictions about the Super Bowl come true, you will get a nice prize. The first batch of event players is available. It features 22 items, including 97 OVR Masters and more. The program also adds new sets.

The two Master players, Joe Namath and William Perry, have a set to complete. For each set, you will need four offensive/defensive Part 1 Past Heroes items. The reward includes the 97 OVR Master item and the Power Up card. The four players that are needed to complete the set come back to you as NAT. The SB Past Hero/Player sets allow you to acquire random SB Past Hero/Player items. Prep Token Exchange sets give you the chance to get 90-91 SB Elite NAT items in exchange for seven SB Prep tokens. There are 23 Predictor Sets. Each correct prediction earns you coins. The predictions refer to the coin toss, the first player that achieves a touchdown, the MVP, and the winner. Two new challenges are available. The Winning Drive challenges include five activities and a total of 10,000 coins and five stars. These challenges are unlocked with First Downs. Super Bowl Past challenge set comes with moments and What If challenges. Don’t forget to check out the store as special offers are available during this event. The packs are acquired for coins, points, training, or trophies. If you don’t have enough NFL 21 coinsyou know what to do. Visit and buy MUT coins you need right away! Our offers are too good to pass up. Check them out now!


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