Avid volleyball fans must have heard of the term “spiking” once in a while, but what exactly is spiking? When a player slams the ball over the net into the opponent’s court with full force, in an aggressive way it is called slamming. If the ball hits the floor before the opponent’s team retrieves it, then the player’s team receives a point. This act is very similar to that of slam dunking in basketball or smashing in tennis. Spiking gained momentum around 1980-1990 as it turned out to be a great crowd pleaser and also helped gain points easily.


Height plays a big role to be a good spiker although it is not a necessary attribute. A person has to have a great sense of timing and reflex alongside stamina. Box jumps, leg press, pushups, and squats are a few core exercises needed to build one’s core strength for the game. Paying attention to the techniques during volleyball spike training is essential.


  1. Getting into the proper position – According to the rules of volleyball, one needs to be a front row player. The player must position himself behind the 10-foot-line. Choosing which side of the court to approach from is also important. A player should choose their side according to their dominant sides. Left for right-handed players and right for left-handed players.
  2. Approaching the ball correctly – A player should always be ready on their knees to approach the ball. If a player is right-handed, their right leg should be put forth and the same for the left foot. As the ball approaches, the player must take a strong step towards it with their left leg forward if they are right-handed and the opposite if they are left-handed.
  3. Gaining momentum – Stepping forward with the dominant foot and swinging the arms back to prepare for the forceful attack is when your leg strength comes to play. The player takes a step according to the distance of the ball. The arm swing is essential when it comes to attaining the perfect height of the jump. The feet should be shoulder wide apart to secure perfect balance when the player lands after hitting the ball.
  4. Hitting the ball perfectly – Although it’s legal to hit a ball with a fist, it is better to use an open hand to hit it. It is against the rule to carry or hold the wall, so a player must make sure to hit it as soon as it nears him with the best technique, they learn via volleyball spike training.


The art of Spiking requires a lot of stamina, core strength, and preciseness. It is only via rigorous volleyball spike training that a player can achieve perfection. A few basic core strength-building exercises are push ups and abdominal crunches. Along with core strength, the spiker must have a good sense of balance and tremendous arm and leg strength to carry out the whole process.

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