3 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Golf Team

Being a golf coach requires you to plan practice, communicate effectively with various groups of people and handle yourself with poise during meet days. One of the facets of coaching that can often be overlooked is fundraising. Raising money to support the team and its needs doesn’t have to be limited to begrudgingly selling catalog items or going door-to-door; rather, getting creative with fundraising efforts may produce even better results.

1. Write Letters To Solicit Donations

Writing letters can be a simple, yet effective, way of raising money for your team. Compose a form letter for players to use, in which you outline a plan for having the team complete some form of community service (picking up litter, volunteering at a local center, etc.). Ask letter recipients to either donate money per hour or one lump-sum donation for the service provided. Have each player send letters to 10 addresses. Don’t forget to send follow-up letters as a show of gratitude for donations and to explain how the task was completed.

2. Host a Golf Tournament

Coordinate with the course where you play to host a mutually beneficial golf tournament. Charge an entrance fee for each team to play and set up a variety of contests throughout the course to provide further incentive to the golfers: allow them the opportunity to pay to remove a stroke from a certain hole or earn golf tournament raffle prizes for the longest putt or a hole in one, for example. Events like this are oftentimes a great opportunity to connect with the community at large and partner with other local businesses as well.

3. Provide a Service

Instead of trying to sell a product, try selling your team and their talents. Trying to provide a service where a service isn’t needed won’t be met with success, so spend time gathering information about needs in your specific area and capitalize on filling those deficits. Operate an afternoon car wash, bag groceries at the local market or unload a truck for a retailer. Again, connecting directly with the businesses and citizens right in your immediate community shows an extension of goodwill and helps to build a bridge between your program and the community in general.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be the worst part of a coaching gig; instead, it can be an opportunity to see your team grow and prosper. Having a little foresight before the season starts can allow the fundraising efforts to be a complement to the season and not an additional task to simply check off your list.

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