Lower Your Golf Score by Using a Laser Rangefinder

Finding ways to reduce the golf score seems to be a never-ending quest. There are all sorts of manuals, courses and blogs that guarantee that if you just follow their software, you can reduce your golf score by 5. But by studying how to use a laser rangefinder correctly, there is another way to improve the performance. I’ve seen it over and over again, where ratings only disappear effortlessly by knowing how to incorporate a laser rangefinder into your training routine. So now you wonder, how can this really motivate me to lower my score? Let’s glance at it and see it.

Practice, like all other games, makes it perfect. To know the usefulness of integrating a rangefinder into your game, you will have to train a little. The first step you need to take on the driving range is to consider using it. Start by hitting some balls with your driver to get warmed up when you hit the driving range. Then bring out the rangefinder as you continue, and try to get your drive measurements. The goal is to get a good idea of how far you are consistently hitting the club. If you have a range you realize you’re a constant path to the club, you’re going to be much more successful on the course.

Start working through all the clubs after this cycle has come to an end. Making any notes would be a good idea while you continue to refine the method. You’re going to chart the usual distances for each club until you realize it. Take many visits to a period of time driving range and see if the distance difference for each club can be narrowed down. You’re going to be in great shape if you can get your accuracy down to a fairly regular distance. Now it’s time for the path to move.

Start by measuring the distance you normally drive on the road ahead with your driver once you get on the course. Try to identify a good place about that gap in the fairway. Then take a shot and see if this location can be hit. Perhaps you’re surprised how close you can get to that place. Once you’re in the range of your iron, measure the distance to the flag and use your notes, choose the club that you’ve been constantly hitting for that distance. Then take the shot and step up. You should get much closer to the target with the work you put in at the driving range and the thorough observations you made during practice than you had in the past.

The sore spot that this method can boost is to prevent traps and other dangers. If you take a measurement and find that the trap that catches you all the time is 180 yards out, you can easily go back to your research and choose a club that will either make you shy or just beyond the obstacle. Knowledge is the secret to your game development.

Continue to do this at each hole, take the time to measure the distance and choose the position you want to place on the shot. You will see the strokes dropping off your score while you continue to practice at the driving range and improve the process. You’re going to hit the targets like a pro before you realize it.

Now that you learn how to use a laser rangefinder to shake off your performance moves, move over to my section where I have tested a variety of rangefinders.

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