Do’s and Don’ts of Football Game Day Fashion

The football season is getting closer, and there’s one day that most guys think is the most enjoyable time of week Saturday. For them, game day includes drinking, eating junk food and swooning over the cheerleaders of the team. Of course, there are fans who have a similar experience. They get up each Saturday morningto eagerly awaiting the game, and have just as much about statistics as the players do. Be sure to say hello to the female fans who are in the crowd!

They love drinking as much as they do and if they’re truly well-versed in the sport they will know which of the top football players are. What differentiates the males from women in football is their attire. Men could dress with a baggy uniform or just shorts with an unadorned top coated in body paint and nobody would think about it. If a woman were to do the same , she could not just stop traffic, but be a cause of a head-on collision!

We’ve got you covered with the most important 10 rules and dos for the upcoming football season. Find out which category you’re into!


Don’t: Wear your bra exposed in the loose fitting tank top. It’s unattractive.

DO: We understand you’re hot all day long in the sun, and you’re trying to put on a light clothes. Ladies, it’s an undergarment because of a reason. It’s meant to be worn underneath your clothes and should not be noticeable to anyone! If you’re in need of additional support underneath live score bola your tank top Why not consider wearing a bikini top that matches the colors of your school?


Don’t: Buy an over-sized garment and then cut it in half. You could end with a damaged jersey, you’ll be out of the amount you paid for it, and you’re left with nothing to wear.

DO: Let’s face it You’re probably not a fashion-conscious designer. The cost of the jersey only to cut it up and run the risk of that it will not be finished as you expected it to be stressful. Why not just leave it to professionals? Miss Fanatic makes amazing jersey tops that are designed to be a perfect fit for women’s bodies. Look at the Free Agent jersey tube top that is absolutely stunning!


Don’t wear dangerous shoes for the game, such as stilettos.

DO: Ok, a few schools are traditional and this means dressing to play the games. But Pumps? Are you thinking you’ll endure six hours in pumps? We didn’t think that way. Ladies, dress in comfortable sandals or sneakers and if you need the extra height, grab a pair of wedges that are safer. There are still fashionable shoes if you’re concerned about looking less than professional. However, the reality is that nobody will be watching your feet.


Don’t think that your skin is immune towards the sun.

DO: Wear sunscreen when you go to games; it can help a lot! One last item you want is to spend the entire day only to walk into the stadium in a state of being tomato. Even if it’s not bright out, the sun’s UV rays will still be able to reach you. You’ll be praising the gods of sunscreen when you look at your friends who appear like they’ve been staking potatoes all daylong, while you’re not getting sunburn!

Short Shorts

DO NOT: Wear shorts that aren’t long enough or that ride up.

TIP ADVISE: Tailgating is a social occasion Ladies. Don’t dress in cut-up shorts that showcase your body or lack of. It’s okay to wear shorts however, you must ensure they’re appropriate enough that the woman sitting across from you isn’t laughing and pointing. Embarrassing! You should also check out Blitz skirt made by Miss Fanatic. It’s like the bottom of a footballer’s. It’s not going to lose your sex appearance, but in a more appropriate manner!

Face Paint

Don’t forget to wear it!

DO: If you’re interested in wearing makeup to games, then great. But remember to wear it! Sometimes , it gets sweaty in those day games that one swipe at the face, and it’s a terrifying face! Don’t be that girl who appears to be a hot mess and one half, take an mirror or invite a friend to take on the face paint patrol!

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